Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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Sunday, April 13, 2014

OOTD: Afro-Gatsby

I was feeling really "Gatsby" and "Roaring Twenties" in this lovely ankara dress and my flower chain head band... Actually it's a necklace I magically turned into a headband. It was one of those situations that I either nailed the looked or I didn't... I think I nailed it.

Yahhh or Nahhh? 
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Last quarter of the semester! It's a countdown till summer!

Woop Woop!

Today is Palm Sunday which pretty much explains this...


Dear Miss LAJA: Lecture-Phobia

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Dear Miss LAJA,
The semester is in full swing and I find that when I'm having a hard time in school, it affects my mood a lot and I don't like it. I'm taking a class that's known for being difficult and I went in with the mindset  that things would be ridiculously hard and I would tense up right before the lecture started. Basically, things aren't going so great in that class. How do I break away from this fear?


Dear Lecture-Phobiac,
I understand your situation because I'm actually in the same situation in my Maths class. Everyone always said how difficult the maths class was and it's one of the most failed classes in my school. Hearing that and knowing you'll be taking the class in the near future is not at all encouraging. I went in with that mindset and I would tense up and/or freak out right before the lesson started because I automatically assumed the material would be impossible. Guess what? It was because my brain was all jumbled up with unnecessary anxiety and honestly, I struggled.

I finally went for Spring Break, did some thinking and I realized it's all in my head. It was all me. I was far from being Maths impaired so where was all this coming from? I let what people said get to me. I let the fear control me. I was holding myself back back because I thought I wasn't good enough.

I had to make little changes to my lifestyle. I didn't want my academics controlling me and messing with my self-esteem/mood. Failure did not define me. I decided that every single morning right when I get up I'd say out loud to God

 "Today will be a good and productive day"
 "I will be positive"
"Something good will happen today and it would be better than yesterday"

I say this every single day. It works. Honest.

I also got extra help for my Maths class, spoke to my prof and cautioned myself to STAY focused on the material instead of worrying about how difficult it would be for me to understand it. It wasn't easy but I really wanted to rise above my fear. Basically, I step back and thought to myself "Is the material that hard?". When you hear something so much, you actually start to believe it. 

I stopped scoffing and laughing humorlessly when he wrote some ridiculously long problem on the board because I realized yes, it was funny that he actually expected us to learn this but I was indirectly telling myself I couldn't do it. My mistake was going in with the mindset that this was one of "the most failed class at Duke". Yes, it's a hard class but that's not reason enough to accept failure. When I "gained control" of myself in that class, I realized that I actually understood what was happening. Well, most of the time...

Ok, it's not all bows and roses but things are A LOT better than they were and I'm handling it. When your mind and emotions are in the wrong place, everything seems impossible. You will always encounter difficult situations in life. You just have to learn how handle it better. 

Have a strong mind: Believe in yourself. Like I said my mistake was starting the course with a negative mindset. Instead of coming prepared (by getting extra help, ask questions etc), I came in with fear. Don't let difficulty make failure acceptable. Don't let what people say control you. Don't let your academics control you. This takes time to work on but you have to believe in yourself. My parents always tell me "Do your best and leave the rest"

Get extra help: Talk to your teacher, friends, get a tutor. You don't have to struggle alone.

Difficulty is no excuse for failure: How many times have I said this again?

Have time for yourself: Seriously, school stress is a witch and you NEED to take a step back and chill. Indulge in your hobbies. Wow, it's been a while since I've used the word "hobby". It sounds so weird...

Failure is not an option, boo and even when you fail it's not the end of the world. Suck it up and try again. Always remember you are not alone and God won't give you something he knows you can't handle.

"You are your own worst enemy. No one but YOU is holding you back"

Go do your thing, hun!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Monochrome Again?

Oh, hey April! 
Oh, hey Spring! 
Oh, hey warm weather!
I've been waiting for you all for quite a while. Good to finally see your face!

I said earlier on that you would be seeing quite a lot of loose pants/pieces on this blog. Trust me, I'm just starting.

Today, I went for the classic monochrome look and touched it up with my white Dooney purse, gold sandals and gold accessories. Don't worry, there'll be alot more color in the very near future. Trust me.

I'm LOVING my new lip color. I know plums and purples are more fall/winter but whatever. It floats my boat. 

I'll also be sporting more colored eyeliner this Spring so stay tuned!

Cheers to more warm weather and the final quarter of this semester!

It was my 18th birthday last week so if you didn't check out my VLog and Outfits. You better do! :)

See you next week, my loves!



Sturggles/Lessons Learned From Large College Classes

You've probably already experienced it (if you haven't you will). That one class that has over a hundred students (to say the least) and the professor is like "You all should feel free to stop me during the lecture and ask questions. Remember, it's a no-judging zone." 

Oh yeah? Tell me more.

My bio class is a nice, tasty soup of all the possible socially awkward situations any student can face (especially if you're a freshman) It's a little over 350 students in one lecture hall. Exciting, right?

The Struggles


  • Wondering whether to ask a question and if it's a smart or dumb one. Or wondering some more if your question will get you a response from the prof like "I'm sure if you look in the syllabus, you'll find what you're looking for." Burrrrnnnnn! Ground, swallow me now please!

  • We have this educational game called 'Think, Pair, Share' where people have to "pair up" and brainstorm through a question for 5 minutes. Now this is super nice when you're actually sitting next to people you know but when you're not... At the beginning of the semester, I had no one sitting on either side of me so I asked to join these two girls in front of me. They didn't look so excited and yes, things got really awkward, really fast... 

  • The 'Walk Of Shame' when you're late and you have to walk down the steps to find a seat, then cause a little disruption because all the aisle seats are taken and the seat you want is in the middle. It's so obvious cause you're the only person beside the prof walking around in a room full of seated people. How exactly were you going to crawl in again?

  • For our 'group quizzes', we are put into groups of five and no you don't get to choose who or know who the other four people are. In a class of 350 plus people, that pretty intense. And I don't think I need to explain how things could get you know... I dreaded it in the beginning but things started looking up.

  • Trying to listen and take notes at same time because the prof is talking at the speed of light and sadly every word coming out of his mouth is important.

  • Your professor might see you campus and not even recognize you. Coming from a small high school, that touched me pretty deeply.
Yes my dear, no one is above this experience except you were lucky enough to have had small classes throughout your undergraduate career (which I think is impossible no matter how small the school as long as there are general courses like intro to psychology and what not). For me, that would suck because I think this is a really cool experience. It might not seem cool now but it makes good stories later on. Aww yeah!

The Lessons/Tips (listed in order with The Struggles)


  • Ask the question anyways because though you might think it's dumb, about five other kids might breath a sigh of relief that you magically read their minds and voiced their thoughts. Yeah that's right, take one for the team! I used to be one of the "sighers of relief" when the semester first started and that's perfectly normal. Now, I really don't care. I just ask as it comes. One thing I started doing was sitting amongst the people who ALWAYS ask the questions (usually at the front of the class). Their inquisitiveness rubs off on you and it's awesome. If I'm still too shy to ask the question, I ask one of my friends or wait till after lectures to talk to the professors.

  • For group games, try sitting next to people you already talk to outside class. It takes off some of the pressure. If you don't often sit next to people you know for one reason or the other (your late or your friends don't take the same class), all I can say is 'trial-by-error'. If you ask someone and it ends not so well, ask someone different the next time. As long as it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger. Who knows? You might make a new friend/think-pair-share partner and when you do, make sure you sit next to them. 

  • The obvious advice is to come class early but I know that doesn't always happen. The thing with me is I'm usually about ten minutes late (don't ask why) and I hate sitting at the back so I always have to go up front therefore you can say I'm kind of used to the "walk of shame". You need to understand first that the profs don't care and he probably didn't notice you. No one keeps tabs in classes that big and you're better off than those who didn't come to lecture at all. Once you've got that ingrained in you brain, the next step is looking unphased by the fact you're late even if you are. Walk smartly but calmly while scanning for a seat and it helps not making eye contact with professor. Now I'm not saying you should stroll in five minutes before the lecture ends or you should make it a habit coming late but for those days. Oh and try to look good so you can make their stares worthwhile.

  • Suck it up and do it for the grade. You don't have to relate with them after class.

  • I've started this thing where I record the lecture on my phone/recorder and if I miss something, I can always re-listen to the parts I missed out on. Or you can copy off your friend's notes.

  • You have to consciously make an effort to get to know your professor if it's something that's important to you. I think it's important and though it's not always easy in big classes, it's almost, always worth it. Even if it's as little as little as asking questions after class, distinguish yourself from the lot.
 Large lecture classes really do have their perks and struggles. You just have to learn to be a master in whatever situation you find yourself. Though you might have not-so-good experiences, they make good laughs later on.

What are some of the struggles you've faces in large classes (or classes in general) and how did you handle it? Tell me in the comment box below!