LAJA Tips: How To Style Printed Skirts

Saturday, February 28

SInce I wear a lot of African prints, I decided to go more in-depth so I'm introducing the "How-To" series where I give my tips and tricks for styling different printed pieces. The first in the series would be the ankara skirt.

Ankara Bandeau

Wednesday, February 25

So, I took some of the extra ankara material from my different skirts (available for sale here) and I played around with it. I have so many little scraps so I joined them together and made this little ankara belt. I also used the bigger piece as a headband. Yes, the creative juices were flowing and I like to think of it as recycling. Stylish recycling.

Tunnel Vision

Saturday, February 21

I must tell you, this is the most challenged I've been fashion wise this winter because this past week was the coldest we've had in NC. You know I'm not the fondest about the cold weather so when I saw the weather predict -17 degrees celsius. No. Just no.

LAJA Unseen #3

Wednesday, February 18

#LAJAUnseen the 3rd.
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