Birthday Behavior

Saturday, March 28

Hey, stunner! I'm feeling on top of the world today not only because today is my 19th birthday but my site, Miss LAJA turns 2 today.

Spring Forth

Wednesday, March 25

Helllloo, Spring! I can happily say I shot these photos without half freezing to death. Woop woop! Progress is being made.

Jabulani Bellas

Saturday, March 21

Duke's African show was this past Tuesday and it was a blast, whirlwind and tornado of fun, excitement and high tension but my Jabulani Bellas and Beaus came out on top! Woop woop!

Take A Break

Wednesday, March 18

 Some photos from my Spring Break last week. I don't know where to start. First thing first, I went on beach retreat with my campus Christian ministry where we stayed in rented beach houses. It was absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed. It was a great week of chilling and sleeping and eating and not sleeping and beaching. In short, It was absolutely stunning.
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