Saturday, December 20

Hmm, you guys don't understand how struggle-some the internet here has been since I arrived. Yupp, I am back home in 9ja and while I'm happy to be back, the wi-fi has been flogging somebody low key. Ugghh.

Sighting: Godi Godar

Wednesday, December 17

Woop woop! Another cool sighting with a different twist! 

AfroBiker Chic

Saturday, December 13

Yup, your very own African, biker babe. I would have said "Okada babe" since that's the unofficial term for motorcycles in Nigeria but chaie, it'll just kill the vibe but whichever one resonates with you... To each his own. Hahaha, now I can't stop laughing at the thought!


Wednesday, December 10

You're probably wondering what is the meaning of this title. I know, I know but don't these harem pants remind you of Aladin? Kinda? Not really? I like to think so, hehe!
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