Interested in African Prints and Wear?

Thursday, November 20

Sooo, I've been getting positive feedback/questions on my African print clothing so if you're interested in buying African prints (ankara, kente etc), contact me via email (label on the right) or send me a personal message on my Facebook page here to place orders, make inquiries or simply say hi!

On Rainy Days

Wednesday, November 19

 Them cold, rainy days though. I'm really glad I FINALLY got rain boots. After 3 years of active "procrastination" and lying to myself that I didn't need them, I finally gave in. Seriously, the kind of suffering my other shoes went through wasn't even funny. I won't say I love the way they feel but hey, they're serving their purpose and they still manage to look quite pleasing to the eyes.

Ika Adage #9: Ground

Saturday, November 15

If water is spilled on a porous or non-porous surface, it's guaranteed that the water will disappear after a certain period. I believe this adage is referring to things that are out of our control because they just are. Yes, the water goes somewhere but is there anything we can do to stop or reverse it? Nope. 

LAJA Unseen #1

Wednesday, November 12

I decided to compile a few never before seen photos (more on my Tumblr) of what REALLY happens behind the scenes and throwbacks shots that had me scratching my head and cracking up. It's so funny to admit that at some point, I felt like a G. Hmm, "All these poses I was sharing, Diariz God o!"
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