Hair Talk: Concotious Wanna-Be-Kinky

Wednesday, November 26

The braids are innn... Again.

LAJA Unseen #2

Saturday, November 22

If you don't know what's happening, read this
For those of you who do, enjoy!

Check out my Instagram (@miss_laja) for the name of the pose above. Hahaha!

Interested in African Prints and Wear?

Thursday, November 20

Sooo, I've been getting positive feedback/questions on my African print clothing so if you're interested in buying African prints (ankara, kente etc), contact me via email (label on the right) or send me a personal message on my Facebook page here to place orders, make inquiries or simply say hi!

On Rainy Days

Wednesday, November 19

 Them cold, rainy days though. I'm really glad I FINALLY got rain boots. After 3 years of active "procrastination" and lying to myself that I didn't need them, I finally gave in. Seriously, the kind of suffering my other shoes went through wasn't even funny. I won't say I love the way they feel but hey, they're serving their purpose and they still manage to look quite pleasing to the eyes.
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